Tammy Mazzocco Real Estate Extraordinaire

Tammy Mazzocco is a successful real estate salesperson who specializes in the residential market in Central Ohio. She started her career as a secretary in a nine-man commercial real estate office. She worked in several other supportive jobs until she decided to work in the sales end of real estate as opposed to the secretarial areas.

In 1999, she went to work for her friend and mentor, Judy Gang with RE/MAX (http://www.remax.com/realestateagentoffice/pickerington-oh-43147-tammymazzocco-id29953112.html) and Tammy has had a successful career almost from the beginning. Tammy works in four counties, and she keeps busy and has the time of her life. She says that she is passionate about her work and that she enjoys helping people find peace and security when they decide to buy the house of their dreams, for more info visit her LinkedIn.

Tammy Mazzocco is a hard worker, and she likes to start early with some stretching and meditation, and then she hit the office as early as she can. She will take care of the mundane duties first, such as paperwork and emails, and then she hits the phones, setting up her day. She knows that unless she is showing houses to prospective buyers, she is gaining ground, so that is her focus.

When asked how she plans her days, she states that she loves to set goals that are meaningful, and then she breaks them down into action steps which make them easier to accomplish. For example, she knows that it takes a certain amount of phone calls to schedule people for appointments, due to schedules, commitments, etc. So she makes every attempt to make that number of phone calls, and it usually works out.

Tammy Mazzocco says that the leads that she receives from Zillow and Realtor.com are great because many times they are people who call into the office and who are ready to look, which makes the process much easier. Even with that, however, Tammy says that 80% of her new home sales come from referrals or repeat business.

The one main truth that Tammy always tries to adhere to is to treat her customers the same way that she wants to be treated regarding her time and investments. Customers never forget how they are treated, and they will do business with you if you treat them well.

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