The Interesting Career Profile of Project Manager Christanna Bevin

Christanna Bevin is the woman to watch in the construction and project management arena. She is equipped with proven professional expertise and comprehensive understanding of project procurement, management, controls, commercial, and administrative roles within the resources and building industries. Bevin focuses on completing projects within the recommended time frame. She has received compliments from both his junior and senior employees for her exceptional team working abilities.

What differentiates Bevin from other project managers?

Bevin has become one of the highly sought project managers due to her excellent academic qualifications and unique experience. She holds an MBA from the prominent Australian Institute of Business. Bevin also belongs to several licensed professional associations, including Project Management Institute and Australian Institute of Project Management. She uses her remarkable writing abilities to prepare monitoring and evaluation reports that enable stakeholders to keep track of an ongoing project.

Bevin’s oral communication skills have allowed her to create strong networks with other professionals in the construction sector and clients. Bevin has won the hearts of many clients due to her tendency to exceed their expectations. She interacts with freely with other workers and leverages her problem-solving skills to resolve conflicts that may arise within the workplace. That way, she encourages collective handling of projects.

Work experience

Bevin commenced her career in project management circles as the site administrator of Stork in 2003 and worked for six months before joining UGL Limited as the contracts administrator. Later on, she was promoted to the position of cost engineer and eventually the role of project controls manager. Bevin has acted as a project manager for companies based in Bulgaria, Australia, and Brisbane.


Other than offering advisory and on-site services to customers in the power generation, oil & gas, resources industries, Christanna Bevin is in charge of creating corporate project services functions. Bevin trains local staff in the management of systems and processes. She reviews project plan before the implementation process begins. She oversees the activities of project team such as the creation of project controls systems, hiring, and development of project control team. Bevin also develops ongoing budget requests as well as management schedules.

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