Securus Technologies Working Hard for Families of the Incarcerated

Securus Technologies is a leading inmate communications company that is worth a look. I got wind of the company after a competitor tried to besmirched their name by saying that they used some of their technology. It was a very short-lived patent lawsuit because Securus proved that this company was lying. Still, I became interested in Securus and why some competitor would attempt such a blatant lie. I found out a few things about them that makes them seem like a very admirable company.

Securus Technologies has been providing technology that helps both the prison industry and the inmates in those prisons. At first, they did concentrate on just phone communications between both inmates and their families, but this form of communication has been evolving. Securus has been introducing a new type of communication to prisons that integrates some of the modern forms of communication. The one that is truly making a splash is video chats or video visitation.

Some families have to drive more than an hour just to spend a few minutes with their loved ones behind bars. It really is not worth it, and it cost too much money and time. Of course, the families still do it because they have children who truly treasure the time spent with the parent who is behind bars, but it is obvious that the situation takes a toll on them.

It has been proven that prisoners tend to behave better when the bond between the inmate and his or her family is stronger. The children are really the ones who are going to be benefiting from the new technology. They get to share ballet recitals or speeches with their incarcerated parents. This is partly one of the reasons why Securus has been working hard to introduce ways to keep families closer.

The prisons have been excited about the new technology because it is also highly monitored by algorithm technologies that help monitor conversations without spying. The algorithm is just meant to pick up possibly incriminating words and flag those conversations. Everything else remains as private as it should be. It is exciting to see a company like Securus that really cares about families just as much as they do about their business.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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