Securus Technologies Develops Anti-Drone Technology and Wins Three Stevie Awards

Drones are the latest threat to the safety of Corrections Officers and inmates. The remotely controlled aircraft are being used to drop contraband ranging from cellphones to weapons to illicit drugs into prison yards across America. In response to this trend, Securus Technologies working in conjunction with partners in the technology and corrections field has developed a digital drone detection system to counteract the threat.


Extremely successful thus far the Securus drone detection program already recognizes a variety of strategies that drone pilots use to deliver contraband. As the drone pilots’ tactics evolve the system will evolve to counter them. The drone detection technology is based on Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment Solution. Correctional facilities wishing to learn more about Securus’ anti-drone technology should contact the company’s multi-award-winning sales team.


On the twenty-third of February, the Stevie Awards ceremony was held in Las Vegas. Honoring outstanding employees, the Stevies encompass seven different international business awards and are known by different names in different parts of the world. Here in the US, they are known as the American Business Awards. This year, there were 2,500 hundred nominees from 60 nations. The winners are determined by a scoring system. The scores are calculated by seven groups of judges all of whom are leaders in the international corporate community.


By the time the awards ceremony at Ceasar’s Palace had wrapped up employees of Securus Technologies had earned a gold, silver, and bronze award. Individually, Customer Service Manager Zelpertia Jackson walked away with a silver in the “Customer Service Professional of the Year” category. The gold for “Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year” went to Securus’ Corporate Escalation Team. The “Front-Line Customer Service Team” bronze was won by the Video Visitation Team. The skill and dedication of all of Securus Technologies’ staff members have garnered the company an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. My congratulations to all the winners.