Patent Infringement Battle Between Securus and GTL

A press release on June 9, 2016 by Securus Technologies, which is a provider of civil and criminal justice technology, is in response to a press release issued by GTL on June 7, 2016. Yes, there is an argument going on.


According to Securus Technologies, GTL is making claims that they feel are misleading and inaccurate. In a nutshell, the tit-for-tat arguments center around patent infringements. The claims are that Securus Technologies have infringed upon different patents that were created by GTL.


To get you up to speed, I thought it was important to give a quick summary as to who and what each company provides.


GTL, who has been in business for 27 years, is a one-stop source in the area of integrated technology solutions within the corrections market. They connect inmates to people and services that can help with their rehabilitation. Moreover, they offer technology for facilities that allow correctional departments a virtual view of the inmate population within a given facility.


Securus Technologies, headquartered in Dallas, TX, provides high-tech software solutions within the civil and criminal justice system. They pride themselves in providing the technologies to help connect family and friends to individuals that are incarcerated to providing personnel within the civil and criminal justice system with the tools to help them do their job. They have been in business for a little over 30 years.


I believe this back and forth of press releases is an attempt by both companies to maintain their share of the market. However, there is one area in which I agree with Securus Technologies CEO, Rick Smith, and that is patent infringement cases take years to resolve. And I might add, it puts a strain on any company’s finances.