Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Cosmetics Are Unique And Fun!


Doe Deere, the Founder and CEO of Lime, feels that cosmetics are a way to express oneself. Born in Russia, Doe was raised in New York City. She worked several administrative jobs in her twenties but never felt that she fit in where she couldn’t be her true self. She founded Lime Crime in 2008 based on her belief that makeup shouldn’t be used just to conceal imperfections. Doe had the idea to create a cosmetic brand with bright and unusual colors while advertising her fashion line. The name is a combination of Doe’s favorite color and the idea of creating makeup that was so bright wearing it should be a crime.

Lime Crime offers a variety of colorful, bold, vibrant cosmetic products including lipstick, eyeliner, and eyeshadow that are proudly vegan and cruelty-free.

Doe’s typical day is spent meeting with those on her team including her Creative Director, President, and VP in order to keep everyone working together. She even spends time in the lab developing new products with a chemist. Doe Deere feels that knowing her brand, being optimistic and knowing her customers is what makes her productive as an entrepreneur. All new products are tried by her first to make sure its a good fit for the company and it’s customers.

Lime Crime focuses very strongly on online sales and was one of the first cosmetic companies to do so. In a time when others in the industry were insisting the customers would want to physically try on their product before buying it, Lime Crime was figuring ways to innovate e-commerce and create a positive online shopping experience for customers. One of their e-commerce solutions was to show how a color actually looked on lips. This idea has since become common throughout the makeup industry.

If she had the chance to start her company over, Doe says she would have started earlier rather than thinking about it for years before putting her plan into action. She also believes having a customer service department sooner would have been beneficial to keep customers happy.

Doe believes that the key to her success in her business is treating those she interacts with love and respect rather than ‘ruling with an iron fist.’ She believes if her employees, vendors, and partners feed appreciated and uplifted they are more likely to respect her.

Lime Crime went through a security breach in 2014 during which customer information was stolen. Doe worked to restore the trust of her customers by setting up a FAQ and call center as well as hiring extra Customer Care representatives to interact with customers through social media. Lime Crime also partnered with online security companies to make sure their website was as secure as possible.

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