Doe Deere is a Unicorn in the Business World

Female entrepreneurial success, Doe Deere, is an energetic morning person, lover of cats, and eccentric business woman. Doe Deer, founder of Lime Crime, is a strong advocate for skin hydration and adequate amounts of sleep. Ms. Deer states that she MUST have at least nine hours of sleep a night and that she no longer needs an alarm clock because her body automatically wakes her at 8:30 most mornings. Doe tends to have rather hectic days balancing the role of CEO which requires that she provide guidance to all departments of Lime Crime. She tries to have work balance by leaving the office around 6 but admits when she is having a very productive day she may not leave the office until after midnight. When she is not in her work environment Doe takes time for her two favorite cats, Puffly Fluffles and Chester von Battingham. These two cats are the apple of Doe’s eye and are treated like kings.

Ms. Deer expresses that her interest in bright colors originated at a very early age. Even in early childhood she was a creative and imaginative person. When she could she would wear as many bright colors as possible. She loved seeing bright colors. She admits she would utilize anything bright she could get her hands on.

Lime Crime is Doe Deer’s makeup creation. This company fashions bold and colorful makeup creations. Doe started Lime Crime in 2004 on Ebay; she selected the name “ limecrime” as her profile title because she thought it would be a name other people had not used and because bright green was her favorite color. She feels there are a few advantages of the company name. First, it is eccentric making it easy to google. Secondly, it represents the feel she wants her products to convey which is a feeling of fun. This was her first attempt to start her own unique fashion line that included many colors. Lime Crime started small with Doe modelling her own merchandise and slowly grew to the brand it is today.

Doe Deer wants Lime Crime to create exciting revolutionary products that represent the eccentricity of her Unicorns, buyers. Doe labels her audience Unicorns because she believes buyers are individuals who have embraced that they are different and unique like a unicorn.

Doe Deer is a Unicorn in the business world providing a balance of fun and professionalism to her workplace.


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