The Greyhound Diaries: A Story of Doug Levitt

Doug Levitt is a man who has traveled many miles, such as is documented in “The Greyhound Dairies”. Levitt has been across the continental US over 7 times, accumulating more than 120,000 travel miles on a Greyhound Bus. Levitt has shared bus seats with everyone from neo-Nazis to ex-law offenders who have been imprisoned for some time. Levitt has done all this traveling in just 13 years. It’s astonishing how far he has gone (literally) and will get to see the world. Many people fail to understand how or why anyone would do this, but for Levitt, this has simply become a way of life.

Levitt sights enjoying all the people he gets to meet on his cross-country trips. He started doing this back in the day as a CNN war correspondent fighting for a John Kerry presidency in the year 2004. He would travel from unnamed town to unnamed town trying to get people to vote for John Kerry. He spent countless hours listening to people’s stories seeing what it would take to get them to vote for his candidate.

Levitt was fascinated with other people’s stories as he grew up in LA a broke, starving artist who was dying for a big break. He grew up in a middle-class family and appreciated all the struggles of these families as he went through them himself growing up. He has seen every strain of American society, and every possible lifestyle through traveling on a bus far and wide as he has. Levitt has even spent long as seven consecutive weeks on the road at one time without a break.

He has made friends and grown used to his transient way of living. He cites that he still regularly keeps in touch with about 8 people has met over the years, and considers them quality, lifelong friends of his.Click here to know more.

Levitt also loves to meet strangers to whom he can tell his personal stories. Levitt was 16 when his father killed himself, and talking to people about that is what Levitt finds most therapeutic to his continued recovery. He admits never having come to terms with what his father did, and people listening to his story helps him feel like he is less alone. Someone is always able to connect to him in some small way and make things better. That’s why Levitt continues to talk about it.

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