Ambitious Lovaganza Aims to Unite the World

The advancements in technology on Facebook over the last decade have given human beings a truly unique opportunity to explore the entire planet, rich in culture and until now largely inaccessible to the average citizen. As every voice, face, and story makes it way across the internet we have found ourselves with the unprecedented privilege to expand our social consciousness on Yahoo beyond our own communities.

This connection and the impact it can cause in everyone’s life is the focus of an ambitious project set in place by the creative team at the JF&G Company. The Lovaganza 2020 is a worldwide event set to take place in the following years with the mission of evoking the same wonderment and global excitement experienced in the days of the World’s Fair. The large scale event is set to bring guests closer together with an understanding of the wide variety of cultures each one of us carries with us. Promised to be a celebration that will simultaneously showcase all cultures on Earth with groundbreaking and bedazzling entertainment, from motion pictures to immersive attractions and exhibitions Lovaganza is certainly the first of its kind in recent decades. Source:

Centered around The Extravaganza of Love, the main stage and centerpiece showcase for the event, guest will be able to explore the beauty of our world surrounded by a giant 360 Immerscope screen that will allow unseen views of some planet Earth’s amazing offerings. Combining the immersive screens with actors, dancers, and acrobats all performing in front of stunning landscapes.

The entire celebration is set to take place in May of 2020 and continue into September as it spans across the globe with flagship locations in America, Europe, Africa, the Middle-East, Asia, and Oceania. Leading up to the main event, the Lovaganza Travelling Show will bring people their first glimpse into the worldwide celebration as it tours across cities in the years preceding Lovaganza 2020.

The success of the Lovaganza will be followed by several other worldwide celebrations each building upon another foundation of our society.

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