How Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Reinvented Bottled Water

In the last ten years, environmentalists have discovered that the 50 million or so bottles of water that Americans consume each year are wreaking havoc on our environment. As a result of these studies, many consumers have turned their backs on bottled water. However, one innovative entrepreneur has redefined the product as a whole, giving consumers a reason to embrace bottled water once again.

Ryan Emmons was only 22 years old when he launched his Waiakea Water. Despite his young age, Ryan had a mature understanding of social responsibility that turned his company into the success that it is today.

The water itself comes from the Waiakea Springs in Hawaii. Emmons vacationed there frequently with his family and visited these springs whenever he could. The water, which trickles down thousands of feet of the Mauna Loa volcano, picks up unusually high levels of beneficial nutrients like sodium, calcium and magnesium.

The water also contains high levels of silica, the mineral that has recently been shown to lower chances of developing Alzheimer’s.

The water is also highly alkaline thanks to its high pH level. Drinking alkaline water can help balance fluids in the body and prevent several illnesses.

When Emmons decided to bottle the water, he wanted to make a product that was as socially responsible as possible. That’s why he teamed up with the charitable organization Pump Aid. The partnership provides clean drinking water to underprivileged communities throughout the world.

According to Organic Authority, for each liter of Waiakea Water that is purchased, 650 liters of clean drinking water are donated to an impoverished region. As of now, 500 million liters of water have been donated.

Emmons knew that he had to come up with a solution to the environmental issues created by manufacturing bottled water. That’s why he created a bottle that uses purely recycled materials.

The process of manufacturing Waiakea Water uses 85 percent less energy than the processes of other bottled water companies. The brand is the first bottled water product to be certified carbon neutral.

Specialty Food says that Waiakea Water can be found in thousands of food stores across the United States. The demand is so high that Emmons is opening up a brand new manufacturing facility in Hawaii, the state from which the water is derived.

In its first three years, the company grew 5,000 percent. Clearly, the modern consumer is excited to purchase a product that is benefiting the world around them.