In NewsWatch TV Review by Avanca CMO Attributes The Success Of Their Campaign To Company!

Looking at the testimonials page of the NewsWatch TV site, you can see a selection of video interviews with representatives from a few of the clients that the company have helped with promoting and marketing products and services. Avanca is an award-winning creator of mobile lifestyle accessories who have worked with NewsWatch TV in the past to help market Ockel, Avanca’s sister company. This arm of Avanca had plans to produce a line of pocket-sized PCs, that offered the power and capabilities of a desktop computer in a handheld device. They were using the crowdfunding site Indiegogo and required NewsWatch TV’s expertise to attract attention to it.

Nathalie Van Wijkvliet, the CMO of Avanca was interviewed by NewsWatch TV’s Andrew Tropeano. Tropeano asked if Ms Van Wijkvliet felt Avanca had had a good experience working with NewsWatch, to which she replied that they have and in actual fact, it is the second time they have worked with them. The first time they worked with NewsWatch, Ockel and Avanca exceeded their goal for that particular project by 2939% and the company have gone on record to say that they attribute the hard work and know-how that NewsWatch brought to the campaign was the main reason for its success.

Therefore, another glowing review for the company from another satisfied client.

About NewsWatch

NewsWatch is a long-running, morning news show that focuses on all that is new and cutting-edge in the world of technology. It began in 1990 and in recent months actually celebrated its 1,0000th episode. The format includes a variety of different editorial and paid-for features covering a wide variety of topics from legal issues to charities, celebrities, auto-mobiles, entertainment, public policy issues, brand new product launches and introductions, travel, finance and medical breakthroughs.

Over the years a variety of celebrities and big names in the world of entertainment, around 650 and counting have appeared on NewsWatch to discuss topical issues and charitable or humanitarian causes they support. Stars such as Will Smith, Colin Firth, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Vin Diesel and Mila Kunis are among those who have popped into NewsWatch.

The show airs on the AMC and ION Network in the USA and can be seen in the majority of markets across the country and has reached over 96 million households. Based in Washington, DC, the NewsWatch team staff offer literally decades of broadcast experience, and this is why companies such as Audi, Sony, Siemens and Intel have worked with them over the years.

6 Most Popular Anime Characters


1) Naruto Uzumaki – Naruto is one of the longest running anime ninjas there is out there if you include both the original anime and when they jumped forward in time. His resilience and bright outlook makes him one of the most popular.

2) Edward Elric – From Full Metal Alchemist this short, milk hating character is funny but reliable, often times seen as the underdog until his enemy’s realize he’s not all flesh and bones. Not your traditional dark anime, but an extremely good one.

3) Goku – From Dragon Ball Z, the best 90s anime of all time, this character is so capable of fault and at the same time is so completely incorruptible that fans flock to this show quickly, not only looking at Goku, but the characters around him for inspiration.

4) Ichigo Kurosaki- from Bleach this ginger haired protagonist is capable of fault, perceptive but funny he and the world he has to thrive in draws watchers and readers in and entrance them.

5) Monkey D. Luffy – One Piece is a great anime, also one that has run for a very long time the ragtag band of straw hat pirates makes their mark on the sea looking for the ultimate treasure, and with the ability to stretch ‘Luffy’ can make for a comical character, too bad he can’t swim.

6) Light Yagami – from Death Note Light is a character which plays god, you love him and at the same time feel like what he’s doing is wrong, and writing someone’s name in a book allows him to kill that person, if he doesn’t specify how they die they simply die of a heart attack. One of the most memorable characters to date because he is raw and human like.