Let us Facilitate End Citizens United for a Better America

End Citizens United is an organization created to bring reforms on how the campaigning process in the United States of America is carried out. Since 2010, election candidates have had the opportunity of receiving donor funding from wealthy individuals so that they can be able to finance their campaigns, However, as it so happens, such candidates have ended up being puppet leaders due to continuous blackmail from their donors. As a result, a majority of elected members have fallen victim to the people they make deals with behind locked doors, individuals that have forced them to utilize funds meant for national development for their personal gain. Besides, billionaires have forced leaders they support to center their time and energy on personal projects, rather than on agendas that would benefit the entire American community thus leading to underdevelopment in most regions in America.



Due to an open public outcry, citizens decided that enough is enough. They came up with End Citizens United so as to fight their oppressors. Since the PAC is not an organization that advocates for violence, it decided to use mental warfare as a means of bringing down corrupt leaders and their backroom donors. End Citizens United was incredibly active in the previously concluded American elections. Because of its love for Democrats, the PAC raised $2 million and used the money to support the campaigns of grass root leaders as well as candidates from the Democrats Party that have proven to uphold the highest standards of integrity. Since its inception, End Citizens United has been following a plan to have the courts nullify the ruling that changed the history of American elections in 2010. By the PAC bringing more of its legislators to power, it will not only be able to bring down corrupt cartels in government but also have the opportunity to be heard in court. Because End Citizens United accommodates people of all professions, there is high chance that the organization might save the nation from its dark days using its influential lawyers and judges.



Unlike in other years, End Citizens United currently relies on funding from its members. To stay true to its course, the PAC had decided to discourage donors from supporting them so that they too do not end up falling victim to unexpected terms and conditions. End Citizens United already has big plans for the 2018 Congress Elections. As of March 2017, the PAC had raised around $4 million; money meant to support the organization’s most preferred candidates. However, End Citizens United targets to collect more than $35 million by the end of the year. Therefore, End Citizens United will give billionaire philanthropists who support national politics a hard time in the next general elections. With the PACs relentless efforts, End Citizens United might, in the end, be successful in eliminating characters that have brought America to its knees.