Rally Driving Sportsman And Executive Rodrigo Terpins

The Terpins name is well-known in the sports circles of Brazil, mostly when it comes to race car driving competitions. Rodrigo Terpins and his brother Michel are two of the most decorated siblings in the annual speed racing contest known as the Sertoes Rally, which is the largest off-road event in the South American country. So far, Rodrigo Terpins has competed in 5 of these rallies, and his exceptional driving skills has earned him several awards, as well as a high ranking among other professional drivers.

Coming from a family that has participated in sports competitions for a long time, Rodrigo developed a big interest in becoming a part of that world as well. His passion for the sport of race car driving came at a very early age, so as he grew older he started training to be a contender in his country’s biggest and most watched driving contest. He feels that rally driving takes a lot of discipline, skill and patience, and he puts in the hard work it takes to finish the very challenging race each year he and his team are in it.

Rodrigo Terpins previously held a top executive position at a women’s clothing store called Lojas Marisa after graduating from Saint Hilaire College, where he received a degree in Business Management, and since 2008, he has been the Senior Director of a company called T5 Participacoes. His love for the race track is what led to his participation in the Sertoes Rally, where he and his team, called the Bull Sertoes, race with a machine they call T-Rex, which is a high-powered vehicle that was built by the MEM Motorsport company. Its V8 engine was made for the purpose of getting through the rough terrain that is a part of the 7 stages of the Sertoes Rally.

With a number of hard-earned rally driving awards, The Bull Sertoes team continues to have a large fan following, and is considered to be one of the finest teams in the competition. To stay engaged and connected with his many fans, Rodrigo Terpins has a presence on several social media websites. He also has his website at rodrigoterpins.com.