Madison Street Capital Helps ARES Arrange Minority Equity Investments

Madison Street Capital, a leading investment banking institution, was recently involved in the process of putting together equity investments for ARES Security Corporation. The firm specializes in peer-to-peer programs and offers security systems. Madison Street Capital’s chief executive officer, Charles Botchway, expressed his excitement as he made this announcement. Reginald McGaugh, the company’s senior managing director, was among those securing the minority equity investment.


Reginald was happy that his firm was part of the program. He said it was a great thing to have the opportunity to work with ARES. Mr. McGaugh added that ARES’s management team challenged his company to find the best financial partner. ARES plays a significant role in safeguarding essential assets in the world. It’s a leading security risk management firm based in Vienna.


Eazetta, who is the President of ARES Security, expressed his mutual appreciation for Madison Street Capital. Eazetta stated that he was impressed with the whole process including the capital raising, valuation analysis, and initial due diligence processes. According to Ben Eazetta, the initial stages showed that Madison Capital was ready to work on every aspect of arranging the investments. He announced that ARES Security was excited about their new capital structure’s future.


Corbel Structured Equity Partners provided the minority recapitalization. They were the perfect match because they were willing to work with ARES on all the financing aspects. Additionally, Corbel offers flexible capital solutions that will enable ARES to capitalize on revenue opportunities and continue making more sales.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital was established in 2005. The company offers financial advice, mergers and acquisitions, analysis services and investment options to clients from various parts of the world. They personalize solutions for their customers. This has helped them build trustworthy relationships with their clients. Madison has its headquarters in Chicago. There are also Madison Capital offices in Asia and Africa.


The company has grown over the years to serve high net worth customers. The firm’s founder, Mr. Botchway, believes that the needs of every customer are unique. So, he trains his employees to offer tailored solutions that fully satisfy a client’s needs. The Madison Street Capital reputation is great because of the company’s transparency and customer service.


Madison Capital uses emerging markets to determine global growth. They focus on important market assets that can enable their customers to make better investment decisions. The company has earned respect around the world for its high levels of dedication and professionalism.


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