Sawyer Howitt’s Entrepreneurial Zeal

In 2011, the Chamber of Commerce Reports in the United States indicated that individuals born between the year 1980 and 2000 are the most productive. Almost 27% millennial are sole proprietors owning nearly 160,000 new businesses. The young entrepreneurs are taking over the economy with many visionary ideas and commerce optimism. Among these young entrepreneurs is Sawyer Howitt.

Sawyer Howitt completed studies at Lincoln High School located in Portland. After that, Howitt began visualizing his business interests. Sawyer started by comprehending the operational and financial needs of business. Sawyer learned of the positive interactions between customers and the company’s brands to generate a positive outcome. Later, Sawyer’s continuous passion for customer service landed him in a leadership position. Sawyer Howitt became the project manager at the Meriwether Group.

Besides being a business associate, Sawyer Howitt is a philanthropist. Sawyer works towards improving the living standards of his community. Sawyer’s charity work include a donation to charitable organizations, supporting youth mentoring programs and helping groups that advocate for women rights. Also, Sawyer is a leader of the international ethnic study group. During Howitt’s free time, Sawyer plays racquetball and participates in fishing. Sawyer has an exciting plan for his future. Sawyer intends to attend California University for his studies.

Before setting up a business premise, a lot of factors are put into consideration. Sawyer Howitt provides the various considerations. These include the economy, average age of the population, access to capital and the networking potential. Additionally, Howitt provides a list of different cities that meet these criteria. The cities include San Francisco, Austin, and Palo Alto among others.

Sawyer Howitt’s business idea is inspired by his father, David. Over the years, David has been Sawyer’s mentor. Sawyer spent his entire time working with his father. From their coordination, Sawyer Howitt benefited from his father’s business tips. Early this year, David, Sawyer’s father, was awarded as a leader in business by the Portland Business Journal.