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Support for the community is often something a company preaches but often doesn’t have to back up in any substantial way. However, when natural disasters strike, a community can quickly learn who is there to support is and who is solely motivated by driving a profit. This unfortunate situation came to Houston Texas in 2017 when Hurricane Harvey made landfall. Harvey brought with him rivers of rain that fell from the sky so quickly that damp streets became rivers in mere hours. Residents of Houston struggled first with finding a safe place to hide from the elements as they fled their homes. Later their struggles became a little more complicated. They were set with the task of surviving and somehow returning to their feet after such a brutal experience.

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Communities were devastated and unsure where to turn however they didn’t have to look far as Nabors Industries was there ready to help in any way that they could. The initiative began with neighbors helping neighbors many employees took off from work to volunteer with recovery efforts. Additionally, the employees at Nabors Industries banned together and raised over $176,000 to aid in hurricane relief. Seeing this positive action from their employees compelled Nabors Industries to support it. They began with offering paid time off to anyone taking the time to Volunteer. Additionally, the CEO Tony Petrello was touched by the fundraising effort and matched the amount raised by the employees. The company did, however, have a more hands-on approach. Thier cafeteria typically reserved for employees was turned into a source of three meals a day for families in need.

Nabors Industries has a history of supporting the community. Their philosophy is driven by the philanthropic-minded CEO Tony Petrello. The Nabors Charitable Foundation is responsible for distributing over $3 Million in educational benefits to employees and their children. Petrello has personally started an endowment in honor of his former professor and friend, Serge Lang. The endowment began with a donation of $150,000 but has grown since. Further, Petrello developed a passion for helping children with neurological disorders. He sought out the best hospitals in the country and found one in his own backyard. In an effort to support research efforts Petrello donated $7million dollars to Texas Children’s hospital. This sizable donation was critical in the foundation of the Jan and Dan research Institute later founded by the hospital. This research center focuses on testing treatments for neurological conditions.

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The career life of Sheldon Lavin at OSI industries

Sheldon Lavin star of success has always been shining since he first joined the meat processing industry over forty years ago. His success, though, did not come easy as he had to work hard to prove himself in an industry that many people saw him as an outsider. To Mr. Sheldon the meat had much potential as at the time there was a growing demand for processed meat.

Before deciding to venture into the industry, Sheldon Lavin was a businessman and had been very successful to the point that he had gone on to establish himself as an executive investor. A consulting firm was one of the most successful investments that he had had before venturing into the meat processing industry. Today at the age of 81 Mr. Sheldon Lavin say he has never regretted leaving the financial sector to venture into meat processing.

Mr. Lavin’s successes in the industry saw him go on to expand OSI Group industries that dealt mainly in the supply of processed meat to other big food franchise. The saw him grow the meat processing company from a small business that catered a local market scene to a big multinational corporation supplying its product across the world.

His big break while working for OSI Industries came about when he enabled Otto and Sons, a food processing company to acquire more funding. This enabled the processing company to expand and increase the delivery of the processed products enabling OSI Industries to meet the now growing demand from MacDonald’s.

To reorganize his role for having achieved such great success for OSI Industries, he was awarded the Global Visionary Award by India’s Visionary Academy. This award was in recognition of his outstanding leadership and vision that saw him make OSI Industries a global brand. To his credit again, in 2016 OSI Group Industries was awarded the Globe of Honor Award. This award was by the British Safety Council. The award reorganized the exemplary work by OSI Group in environmental management.

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