Three Things Mike Baur Says Are Important To Launching A Startup

Mike Baur is the Chairman of the Swiss Startup Factory and an expert on turning a business concept into a functioning company. The SSUF is layered into several accelerator systems that include mentoring entrepreneurs on marketing and selling the product and pitching to venture capital firms for funding. While it may seem like a lot of work to get a business started, Baur says the real work comes when the business goes online, and there’s three tips he says business owners should follow when running it.


Baur says you need to do your research on what you need to get your company going, and putting it into execution phase will depend on you taking the steps to do it. While the SSUF provides a lot of resources for entrepreneurs to get to execution phase, it’s still up to them to make it happen. Second, adapting to changes that are inevitable when running a business is must if that business is going to be successful for the long-term. And finally, you cannot be risk averse when running a business. Again, it’s not the act of starting or bringing a business to initial execution phase that’s the real risk; it’s the decisions you make every day when running it and implementing a growth strategy.


The assembly of the SSUF and its executive team came about when Mike Baur and several others left the offices of some of Switzerland’s largest banks and decided it was time to join the startup revolution that was sweeping business guilds and college campuses around the world. Baur had previously thought his entire future would be in banking, especially when he entered an apprenticeship at UBS Bank and a human resources advisor told him as much by showing him a career chart. He excelled as a bank advisor and reached upper management status by the time he reached his 30s, but UBS Bank went through a shakeup and saw many of its branches close when the 2008 US mortgage crisis hit.


Mike Baur took another position at Clariden Leu Bank for a few years, but by this time banking was undergoing an identity shift, and Baur no longer wanted to spend long days in a bank office anyway. Baur became excited about the plans for the SSUF upon leaving banking not only because he believed in its mission, but also because its atmosphere is much more laid back than traditional corporate culture. With a mix of both physical outdoor activities and training sessions on startups, the SSUF has become one of Switzerlnd’s most popular incubators, and it’s started building networks all across Europe.


Academy of Art University for a Fashionable Future

Meet the School of Fashion over at Academy of Art University. They’ve recently held their 21st showcase on the runway in September of 2017. Between them, the ten graduates set up seven showcases for women’s wear and men’s wear. The designers were students, international and domestic alike, with a wide variety of interests and designs.

On to the showcases themselves. Amongst the seven women’s wear collections were entries such as Hallun Zhou’s, inspired by her day’s expeditions. The menswear collections included the likes of Eden Slezin, inspired by his life and what he loves. With many more creative entries including some inspired by samurai, this was quite the fashion exhibition.

The Academy of Art University was founding in San Fransisco, 1929. Originally as an Academy for advertising art, it’s goal was to help artists find commercial work. Three generations ran the academy with its latest overseeing it’s biggest growth spurt to nearly 10 times as many students. This period saw the academy gaining accreditations for many new degrees from Fine Arts to Architecture.

Nowadays, Academy of Art University boasts around 20,000 students, depending on the year. The school has a diverse group of students from local to international. There are even quite a few online entrants. They currently study from the 25 subjects taught at the university. On site pupils get to see a great location, warm sunny weather, and a long history.

While the sports aren’t their focus, the academy nonetheless manages a few successful teams. The Urban Knights are 14 varsity athletics teams from the university. They cover a wide variety of sports such as Basketball, golf, and even volleyball. Over the years several of the teams and individuals have managed to pick up a few championships with the NCAA Division II. Jordan Edwards managed it several consecutive years in a row with the 400m Outdoors and Indoors.

How to Hire Sahm Adrangi for Investment Work

There are a lot of people out there currently using Sahm Adrangi for their investment needs. Sahm Adrangi has many years of experience working with professionals within the industry. You can feel good knowing that you have a professional helping as much as possible and knowing that this is someone you can trust to get investments finalized. One of the major benefits to utilizing the services of Sahm Adrangi is his experience within the field and the fact that you have a professional who is there to help in any way that they can.

There are a lot of people who have made the decision to work with Sahm Adrangi because of his experience. There are tons of benefits to working with a professional for any and all of your investment needs. One problem that a lot of people have is the fact that you are going to want to consider having them help you out. This is something you are going to notice to be helpful in a range of different ways. The first reason it’s beneficial is because you are finally working with someone who is able to get the investments done. This is a professional you can trust to know they are going to work with you on a range of different projects. To know more about him click here.

Never before has there ever been a better time to work with the pros than right now. This is why Sahm Adrangi is there to help with any and all investment options. Once you get an investor in to get the job done, it is just a matter of finding something that is going to work for you. Be sure to look around and see which professionals are there to assist you with this type of option. Make sure that you take a look at the wide range of different people out there who can help out with this task. Before you know it, you’re going to find that you get the help and investments that you need to get the job done, and this is something that can be incredibly beneficial for you.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall – The Only Place you can Shop and have Fun at the Same Time

Shopping can consume a lot of our time. Moving from one shop to another to get everything on your shopping list can be tiring and boring. A mall changes all the above. A mall gives you a chance to shop everything you need under one roof. This saves your time and energy.

Roberto Santiago has given his people a chance to shop and have fun simultaneously. There is no longer an excuse for not having fun. Most people used to have an excuse for using weekends to shop for the week. Now you can comfortably do both at the same time.

Roberto Santiago is the owner of the two biggest malls in Brazil. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall and the Mangeira Mall. The two malls are well equipped and have led to significant developments in the area.

Talk of success at a young age. Many investors hope and work hard to be among the young-rich group in the society. However, many people don’t make it through. The reason behind is to be successful, one has to be disciplined, diligent and have the ability to sacrifice. These character traits are only found in few people. Many young people are not ready to commit. They lose focus and concentrate on other issues.

Roberto Santiago is among the few individuals who were focused enough to undertake a big project at a young age. He built the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall at the age of 30 years. He is currently the greatest investor in Brazil.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has a total of 280 buildings. There medical facilities, schools, colleges, banking facilities among other necessities. Then there is the Domus Hall, which was launched in 2009. The Domus Hall is built on the top roof of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall.

The Domus Hall can accommodate an audience of 14000. The hall is sound proof. The air conditioning of the hall is well taken of, to ensure that the room is not stuffy. The Domus hall has an extraordinary sound range and lighting system.

The audience who have watched a 3D movie say that the experience here is very thrilling. You get to feel everything that the actor feels. You live in the scene of your actor at that moment.

The Domus Hall invite celebrities once in a while. The audience is involved in deciding which star to come. Celebrities from all over the world, are impressed by the Domus Hall and thanks to it, the residents of Brazil have enjoyed international performances.

Roberto Santiago made it at a very young age. This shows that age is not a factor as long as there is, focus and commitment. Through his investments, the people of Brazil can enjoy shopping under one roof and have fun simultaneously.


The career life of Sheldon Lavin at OSI industries

Sheldon Lavin star of success has always been shining since he first joined the meat processing industry over forty years ago. His success, though, did not come easy as he had to work hard to prove himself in an industry that many people saw him as an outsider. To Mr. Sheldon the meat had much potential as at the time there was a growing demand for processed meat.

Before deciding to venture into the industry, Sheldon Lavin was a businessman and had been very successful to the point that he had gone on to establish himself as an executive investor. A consulting firm was one of the most successful investments that he had had before venturing into the meat processing industry. Today at the age of 81 Mr. Sheldon Lavin say he has never regretted leaving the financial sector to venture into meat processing.

Mr. Lavin’s successes in the industry saw him go on to expand OSI Group industries that dealt mainly in the supply of processed meat to other big food franchise. The saw him grow the meat processing company from a small business that catered a local market scene to a big multinational corporation supplying its product across the world.

His big break while working for OSI Industries came about when he enabled Otto and Sons, a food processing company to acquire more funding. This enabled the processing company to expand and increase the delivery of the processed products enabling OSI Industries to meet the now growing demand from MacDonald’s.

To reorganize his role for having achieved such great success for OSI Industries, he was awarded the Global Visionary Award by India’s Visionary Academy. This award was in recognition of his outstanding leadership and vision that saw him make OSI Industries a global brand. To his credit again, in 2016 OSI Group Industries was awarded the Globe of Honor Award. This award was by the British Safety Council. The award reorganized the exemplary work by OSI Group in environmental management.

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