The Human Rights Record of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Standing up for human rights and dignity is what got Michael Lacey and his colleague Jim Larkin arrested in Maricopa County. These two journalists were incarcerated by the Maricopa Sheriff. The two journalists, convinced of their wrongful incarceration, sued the county.

The case was heard and determined in favor of the petitioners, who were handsomely rewarded for the violation of their rights by the county sheriff. Larkin and Lacey decided to use part of their settlement to assist organizations that fight for human rights in and around Arizona. ‘Larkin and Lacey’ are the ‘Phoenix New Times media’ founders.

The Maricopa Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, decided to arrest these journalists when the two wrote and expose on grand jury hearings that were being conducted secretly. The grand jury hearings were being conducted at night with the ultimate aim of recovering the articles published by these journalists.

The articles were about the county sheriff and his unlawful activities. The journalists also claimed the grand jury intended to identify and seize all individuals who had accessed the expose. The violation of the law was so grave that the journalists decided to take the matter to court after they were themselves apprehended.  Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Michael and Jim feel so passionately about human rights that they decided to use their reward to start a foundation that would help other victims of human rights violations. That is how ‘Larkin and Lacey’ was started. This fund also works closely with other human rights organizations to promote the human rights agenda. Migrant rights’ groups and civil rights champions are also supported by Larkin and Lacey.

‘Justice That Works’

This organization was started by a champion of justice, Mr. Heather Hamel. Ayensa Millan, an immigration attorney and radio show host, works closely with ‘Justice that Works’ organization. Mr. Viridana Hernandez, a director of ‘Center for Neighborhood Leadership’, also works with ‘Justice that Works’. Justice that works feels passionately about matters of racial profiling and migrant issues.

‘Human Rights First’

This organization champions the rights of refugees. Refugees, it believes, are people subjected to a lot of suffering in their home country and also in the places that they seek refuge. This organization’s operations began in 1978, in New York, where the organization is based. Issues of anti Semitism and anti-Islam have been a serious concern to the organization.

The anti Islamic sentiments that were amplified by the 9/11 attacks were for so long an area the organization had to deal with for a long time. Racial profiling cases were cropping up all the time after 9/11. Today, the crisis in Darfur is one the organization pays attention to and dedicates a lot of its personnel.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International has been in operation for decades. It has been awarded severally for its commitment to matters of prisoner justice and human rights of the inmates. In 1997, Amnesty International was awarded the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’.

The year that followed was also a year of recognition as the organization won the ‘United Nations Prize in Human Rights’.