Benardo Chua Enhancing Consumers’ Health Through Safe Organo Gold Products

Bernardo Chua is an accomplished entrepreneur and businessman and multi-level marketing genius. He was born in Phillipiness in the year 1974. He is a former executive of Excel Garno, where he was instrumental in the expansion of the company to the Western World.

During his time at Excel Gano, he worked as the president of the US branch. That was between the periods of 2003 to 2008. He is remembered for his advocacy for healthy coffee and his invention for a five- tier marketing plan.

Bernardo Chua, commonly known as Bernie, left Excel Garno in the year 2008. In that year, he founded his very own company, Organo Gold, following inspiration from an ingredient he used in his diet as a kid, his love for coffee, and his passion for business.

According to The Street, Back then, Bernado Chua started out with only three employees. However, the company has grown and now operates in over 40 countries, with more employees purchasing and selling the company products online. Today, Organo Gold is a multi-million dollar business and is currently one of the leading manufacture of instant coffee, tablets, tea and other beverages.

Organo Gold works through a reward program. They give discounts to customers who purchase a given quantity of their products.

The company makes subscription and membership to sell their products, very easy. As long as you enjoy their products, you can make an extra buck, selling off Organo Gold products. Same as Excel Garno, Organo Gold utilizes a similar ingredient. The only difference is that the ingredient is utilized in coffee and other beverages.

Chua is active on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Through these social media outlets, he is able to reach to a larger audience and educate them about Organo Gold Products and their importance. He advocates for use of these alternative products for their health and safety benefits.

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