Jeff Herman, on the frontline of advocating for the rights of sexual abuse victims

Before Jeff Herman came into the picture, victims of sexual abuse had nowhere to turn to with their perpetrators escaping the long arm of the law untouched and justice going down the drain. However ever since he came into play, things have changed for the positive as he has dedicated his life to helping them get the justice they deserve by holding their perpetrators or any other party involved responsible for the sexual assault on his clients.

Nonetheless, Jeff Herman began his journey in law as a commercial litigator. That however changed drastically after a couple came to him to report a case of sexual abuse on their autistic son by one of the staff at his school. It was such a moving case, and from that day onwards he decided that he would spend the remaining part of his career seeking justice for sexual victims. Today Herman’s law firm has grown into one of the biggest firms specializing on that field and has helped myriads of victims get justice and closure on sexual assault.

During an interview with, Jeff Herman says that unlike most cunning law firms, his firm is after justice and closure and as such, they only collect fees when they reach a successful settlement for their client. Their main priority is to attain fairness and create confidence and loyalty in their clientele and as such will go the extra mile in offering free consultations and services until justice is accomplished.

Thanks to his previous experience in the legal realm, Jeff Herman was already aware of the ropes of law, and as such, it did not take long for his firm to become profitable and at the same time grow. Even though at the beginning he did not have any self-doubts about gaining success, he started doubting his ability after a short while into this scope of the law, but the fact that most of his clients relied on him for justice was what helped put him back on track.

Jeff believes that his passion for seeking justice for others combined with other factors such as experience and dedication are what make him successful. For him, the most satisfying moments lie in turning victims of sexual assault into survivors and seeing them gain closure even after the impacts of inhumane sexual acts.

More about Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman is a celebrated lawyer practicing in the scope of sexual abuse. He is reputable for unveiling the unholy escapades of men of the cloth such as the 2011 case where he helped his client get a settlement of $100 million after an archdiocese priest sexually abused her. Jeff is the founder and also one of the managing partners at Herman law which exclusively specializes in cases of sexual nature. Jeff Herman is a regular figure in national news where he makes headlines for representing various notable people who have been sexually violated by well-known individuals in the society and also champions for the rights of children who have gone through similar scenarios.

Humanitarian and Entrepreneur- Vinod Gupta

Vinod Gupta is a successful investor, and he for the longest time he has been in the corporate world Gupta has been using a principle which is also an advise he gives to all entrepreneurs; Take many risks but be conservative in spending funds.  Vinod Gupta was born in India in 1946, and he can be described as a self-made business person and entrepreneur. Gupta once borrowed a bank loan of $100, and he began an organization which later expanded and was sold for $680 million. Vinod Gupta began his company after realizing the gap which existed between business-business information. The firm would later be changed to Infogroup where Vinod Gupta was the Chief Executive Officer.

Vinod Gupta is very determined, and after purchasing several organizations, he was able to create a force in the Information Technology industry. Gupta is the founder of Everest Group which is an investment company established to help struggling organizations by acquiring them as they assist technology startups with venture capital. The main purpose of Everest is to Forster success in these organizations. Vinod attended the University of Nebraska and after graduation, he got an opportunity to work for Commodore Corporation which is a local organization which develops home mobiles. He was responsible for market research analysis, and he was given the task of collecting information about mobile home dealers within the United States of America. When he was carrying out his duties, he realized the gap that was there when finding the information and he wanted to fill the gap that is why he founded InfoUSA.

Ever since the inception of the organization, it has expanded and Vinod has also acquired and established many other organizations including Everest Group. He has been determined to build the organization’s long-term activities rather than the day to day operations of the firm. Gupta does not limit market testing, and he considers new technologies, ideas and even products he finds market testing to be constitutional. Vinod Gupta has been offering employment to the unmerited community, and his employment efforts were even touted by the former President of the United States of America Bill Clinton. He is also humanitarian, and he has been using his resources and money to help the community.

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Securus Technologies Develops Anti-Drone Technology and Wins Three Stevie Awards

Drones are the latest threat to the safety of Corrections Officers and inmates. The remotely controlled aircraft are being used to drop contraband ranging from cellphones to weapons to illicit drugs into prison yards across America. In response to this trend, Securus Technologies working in conjunction with partners in the technology and corrections field has developed a digital drone detection system to counteract the threat.


Extremely successful thus far the Securus drone detection program already recognizes a variety of strategies that drone pilots use to deliver contraband. As the drone pilots’ tactics evolve the system will evolve to counter them. The drone detection technology is based on Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment Solution. Correctional facilities wishing to learn more about Securus’ anti-drone technology should contact the company’s multi-award-winning sales team.


On the twenty-third of February, the Stevie Awards ceremony was held in Las Vegas. Honoring outstanding employees, the Stevies encompass seven different international business awards and are known by different names in different parts of the world. Here in the US, they are known as the American Business Awards. This year, there were 2,500 hundred nominees from 60 nations. The winners are determined by a scoring system. The scores are calculated by seven groups of judges all of whom are leaders in the international corporate community.


By the time the awards ceremony at Ceasar’s Palace had wrapped up employees of Securus Technologies had earned a gold, silver, and bronze award. Individually, Customer Service Manager Zelpertia Jackson walked away with a silver in the “Customer Service Professional of the Year” category. The gold for “Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year” went to Securus’ Corporate Escalation Team. The “Front-Line Customer Service Team” bronze was won by the Video Visitation Team. The skill and dedication of all of Securus Technologies’ staff members have garnered the company an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. My congratulations to all the winners.


Three Things Mike Baur Says Are Important To Launching A Startup

Mike Baur is the Chairman of the Swiss Startup Factory and an expert on turning a business concept into a functioning company. The SSUF is layered into several accelerator systems that include mentoring entrepreneurs on marketing and selling the product and pitching to venture capital firms for funding. While it may seem like a lot of work to get a business started, Baur says the real work comes when the business goes online, and there’s three tips he says business owners should follow when running it.


Baur says you need to do your research on what you need to get your company going, and putting it into execution phase will depend on you taking the steps to do it. While the SSUF provides a lot of resources for entrepreneurs to get to execution phase, it’s still up to them to make it happen. Second, adapting to changes that are inevitable when running a business is must if that business is going to be successful for the long-term. And finally, you cannot be risk averse when running a business. Again, it’s not the act of starting or bringing a business to initial execution phase that’s the real risk; it’s the decisions you make every day when running it and implementing a growth strategy.


The assembly of the SSUF and its executive team came about when Mike Baur and several others left the offices of some of Switzerland’s largest banks and decided it was time to join the startup revolution that was sweeping business guilds and college campuses around the world. Baur had previously thought his entire future would be in banking, especially when he entered an apprenticeship at UBS Bank and a human resources advisor told him as much by showing him a career chart. He excelled as a bank advisor and reached upper management status by the time he reached his 30s, but UBS Bank went through a shakeup and saw many of its branches close when the 2008 US mortgage crisis hit.


Mike Baur took another position at Clariden Leu Bank for a few years, but by this time banking was undergoing an identity shift, and Baur no longer wanted to spend long days in a bank office anyway. Baur became excited about the plans for the SSUF upon leaving banking not only because he believed in its mission, but also because its atmosphere is much more laid back than traditional corporate culture. With a mix of both physical outdoor activities and training sessions on startups, the SSUF has become one of Switzerlnd’s most popular incubators, and it’s started building networks all across Europe.


Academy of Art University for a Fashionable Future

Meet the School of Fashion over at Academy of Art University. They’ve recently held their 21st showcase on the runway in September of 2017. Between them, the ten graduates set up seven showcases for women’s wear and men’s wear. The designers were students, international and domestic alike, with a wide variety of interests and designs.

On to the showcases themselves. Amongst the seven women’s wear collections were entries such as Hallun Zhou’s, inspired by her day’s expeditions. The menswear collections included the likes of Eden Slezin, inspired by his life and what he loves. With many more creative entries including some inspired by samurai, this was quite the fashion exhibition.

The Academy of Art University was founding in San Fransisco, 1929. Originally as an Academy for advertising art, it’s goal was to help artists find commercial work. Three generations ran the academy with its latest overseeing it’s biggest growth spurt to nearly 10 times as many students. This period saw the academy gaining accreditations for many new degrees from Fine Arts to Architecture.

Nowadays, Academy of Art University boasts around 20,000 students, depending on the year. The school has a diverse group of students from local to international. There are even quite a few online entrants. They currently study from the 25 subjects taught at the university. On site pupils get to see a great location, warm sunny weather, and a long history.

While the sports aren’t their focus, the academy nonetheless manages a few successful teams. The Urban Knights are 14 varsity athletics teams from the university. They cover a wide variety of sports such as Basketball, golf, and even volleyball. Over the years several of the teams and individuals have managed to pick up a few championships with the NCAA Division II. Jordan Edwards managed it several consecutive years in a row with the 400m Outdoors and Indoors.

Rally Driving Sportsman And Executive Rodrigo Terpins

The Terpins name is well-known in the sports circles of Brazil, mostly when it comes to race car driving competitions. Rodrigo Terpins and his brother Michel are two of the most decorated siblings in the annual speed racing contest known as the Sertoes Rally, which is the largest off-road event in the South American country. So far, Rodrigo Terpins has competed in 5 of these rallies, and his exceptional driving skills has earned him several awards, as well as a high ranking among other professional drivers.

Coming from a family that has participated in sports competitions for a long time, Rodrigo developed a big interest in becoming a part of that world as well. His passion for the sport of race car driving came at a very early age, so as he grew older he started training to be a contender in his country’s biggest and most watched driving contest. He feels that rally driving takes a lot of discipline, skill and patience, and he puts in the hard work it takes to finish the very challenging race each year he and his team are in it.

Rodrigo Terpins previously held a top executive position at a women’s clothing store called Lojas Marisa after graduating from Saint Hilaire College, where he received a degree in Business Management, and since 2008, he has been the Senior Director of a company called T5 Participacoes. His love for the race track is what led to his participation in the Sertoes Rally, where he and his team, called the Bull Sertoes, race with a machine they call T-Rex, which is a high-powered vehicle that was built by the MEM Motorsport company. Its V8 engine was made for the purpose of getting through the rough terrain that is a part of the 7 stages of the Sertoes Rally.

With a number of hard-earned rally driving awards, The Bull Sertoes team continues to have a large fan following, and is considered to be one of the finest teams in the competition. To stay engaged and connected with his many fans, Rodrigo Terpins has a presence on several social media websites. He also has his website at

How to Hire Sahm Adrangi for Investment Work

There are a lot of people out there currently using Sahm Adrangi for their investment needs. Sahm Adrangi has many years of experience working with professionals within the industry. You can feel good knowing that you have a professional helping as much as possible and knowing that this is someone you can trust to get investments finalized. One of the major benefits to utilizing the services of Sahm Adrangi is his experience within the field and the fact that you have a professional who is there to help in any way that they can.

There are a lot of people who have made the decision to work with Sahm Adrangi because of his experience. There are tons of benefits to working with a professional for any and all of your investment needs. One problem that a lot of people have is the fact that you are going to want to consider having them help you out. This is something you are going to notice to be helpful in a range of different ways. The first reason it’s beneficial is because you are finally working with someone who is able to get the investments done. This is a professional you can trust to know they are going to work with you on a range of different projects. To know more about him click here.

Never before has there ever been a better time to work with the pros than right now. This is why Sahm Adrangi is there to help with any and all investment options. Once you get an investor in to get the job done, it is just a matter of finding something that is going to work for you. Be sure to look around and see which professionals are there to assist you with this type of option. Make sure that you take a look at the wide range of different people out there who can help out with this task. Before you know it, you’re going to find that you get the help and investments that you need to get the job done, and this is something that can be incredibly beneficial for you.

Tony Petrello: Funding Research

Support for the community is often something a company preaches but often doesn’t have to back up in any substantial way. However, when natural disasters strike, a community can quickly learn who is there to support is and who is solely motivated by driving a profit. This unfortunate situation came to Houston Texas in 2017 when Hurricane Harvey made landfall. Harvey brought with him rivers of rain that fell from the sky so quickly that damp streets became rivers in mere hours. Residents of Houston struggled first with finding a safe place to hide from the elements as they fled their homes. Later their struggles became a little more complicated. They were set with the task of surviving and somehow returning to their feet after such a brutal experience.

Read more: Tony Petrello Helps to Launch the Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital

Communities were devastated and unsure where to turn however they didn’t have to look far as Nabors Industries was there ready to help in any way that they could. The initiative began with neighbors helping neighbors many employees took off from work to volunteer with recovery efforts. Additionally, the employees at Nabors Industries banned together and raised over $176,000 to aid in hurricane relief. Seeing this positive action from their employees compelled Nabors Industries to support it. They began with offering paid time off to anyone taking the time to Volunteer. Additionally, the CEO Tony Petrello was touched by the fundraising effort and matched the amount raised by the employees. The company did, however, have a more hands-on approach. Thier cafeteria typically reserved for employees was turned into a source of three meals a day for families in need.

Nabors Industries has a history of supporting the community. Their philosophy is driven by the philanthropic-minded CEO Tony Petrello. The Nabors Charitable Foundation is responsible for distributing over $3 Million in educational benefits to employees and their children. Petrello has personally started an endowment in honor of his former professor and friend, Serge Lang. The endowment began with a donation of $150,000 but has grown since. Further, Petrello developed a passion for helping children with neurological disorders. He sought out the best hospitals in the country and found one in his own backyard. In an effort to support research efforts Petrello donated $7million dollars to Texas Children’s hospital. This sizable donation was critical in the foundation of the Jan and Dan research Institute later founded by the hospital. This research center focuses on testing treatments for neurological conditions.

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Jeremy Goldstein Talks About The Benefits And Pitfalls Surrounding Employee Stock Options

Giving employees stock options used to be a more common practice than it is today, according to legal expert Jeremy Goldstein. This was due mainly for four reasons, with the first being to save money. The other reasons included that situations sometimes happened where the value of the company’s stock dropped so far that employees couldn’t exercise their options. This was one of the reasons that some employees didn’t like this way of paying them, and additionally companies didn’t like them because it created burdens for those in their accounting departments. Learn more:

There were advantages to offering this form of compensation, though. The biggest was that it motivates them to work hard so that the company succeeds and is value goes up, making their options worth more. Jeremy Goldstein says that if company’s want to offer these to their employees it’s best to follow a strategy known as “knockout” which means that if the share falls below a certain specified value then employees lose their ability to exercise their options. This resolves many of the problems, he says.

Jeremy Goldstein is an expert when it comes to compensation issues. His specialty is executive compensation practices. He focuses on helping companies resolve issues in particular when a mergers and acquisition transaction is being contemplated. He has been a lawyer since August 1999 in this legal specialty.

In June 2014, Jeremy Goldstein formed his own law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, in New York City. Among the many well-known firms he has advised are United Technologies, The Dow Chemical Company, Verizon Wireless, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co, and Bank of America Corporation.

Jeremy Goldstein has a number of college degrees. At Cornell University he earned an art history degree and at the University of Chicago he got a master in this subject. He started attending the New York University School of Law in 1996 and in 1999 he was given his Juris Doctor, Law. HIs professional career started in that same year when he starting working for Shearman & Sterling LLP.

Crime in New Brunswick

Across the street from Rutgers University Police Department stands a 206-apartment complex called, “The Quincy”. Some call it one of the best garden apartments in New Brunswick, NJ with its’ rooftop pool, exercise and club rooms, wood floors and other modern amenities. It’s owned by a LLC out of North Quincy, Massachusetts.

Because it is located across the street from a Rutgers University’s Police Headquarter, one would believe it safe to reside in, but there has been a rash of robberies and shootings within the complex.

On May 7, 2013 one such robbery occurred. A pizza delivery man entered the Quincy apartment complex to deliver a pizza, but no one claimed it, so he returned to his car only to find three men waiting for him. He was robbed of his money, pizza and shot. The men then drove away. Eventually the police caught the shooter through his cell phone records. The suspect, named Parysh Wood, 21 years old was later picked up behind other pizza delivery robberies and was being held on $100,000 bond.

The Quincy is now known for its’ violent environment. Its’ residents have been accosted through robberies, and shootings leaving the complex unsafe.

Another area in New Brunswick that has had its’ share of robberies and shootings is the New Brunswick Apartments. One such shooting took place at 33 Commercial Avenue. It occurred on October 5, 2015 at the New Brunswick Apartments. There were four shootings that left one man being admitted to the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. Police believe the person who took the victim to the hospital was the shooter. Later the police found multiple bullet cases and started an investigation. Like the Quincy, New Brunswick Apartment is a haven for violence and leaving its’ residence feeling unsafe in their apartments.