Appreciating The Contribution Of Eric Pulier To Communities And The Government

Eric Pulier is a renowned entrepreneur and venture capitalist with a strong background in technology and language. He has been active in supporting several philanthropic organizations and has also founded companies that have worked to make life easier for those battling special conditions.

Additionally, Eric Pulier has proved his literary skills through his books and articles addressing issues in the business world and social life. His career has been crowned with success and challenges alike, but his capability when it comes to handling challenges is unparalleled.

Preview of his early life and education
The professional occupation of Eric Pulier is entrepreneurship and this is something that can be traced back to fourth grade when he began showing interest in computing and programming. While in high school, he advanced his zeal and launched a computer database company.

When he joined the Harvard University, he chose to pursue English and American Literature, a specialty he emerged quite successful. He is among few students who had columns in The Harvard Crimson. Eric Pulier also pursued Computer Science in MIT, a neighboring school, and this saw him graduate in 1988 with high honors.

Professional contribution
The career progression of Eric Pulier is one of an inspiring trajectory that has placed him among the most highly regarded professionals in business circles. Among projects that he recorded an outstanding performance is the 1997 presidential inauguration, where he was requested to prepare the Technology Exhibition.

Pulier performed quite outstandingly in this role as he created sections for the project including education, healthcare, space exploration, environment and government to mention a few. He also organized for live interaction with astronauts in the shuttle, which marked the peak of the event.

Eric Pulier has also authored several books, specifically touching on business, entrepreneurship and technology. One of his publications, Understanding Enterprise SOA, offers entrepreneurs and technologists vital picture of the way business and technology can be integrated for success.

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