Academy of Art University for a Fashionable Future

Meet the School of Fashion over at Academy of Art University. They’ve recently held their 21st showcase on the runway in September of 2017. Between them, the ten graduates set up seven showcases for women’s wear and men’s wear. The designers were students, international and domestic alike, with a wide variety of interests and designs.

On to the showcases themselves. Amongst the seven women’s wear collections were entries such as Hallun Zhou’s, inspired by her day’s expeditions. The menswear collections included the likes of Eden Slezin, inspired by his life and what he loves. With many more creative entries including some inspired by samurai, this was quite the fashion exhibition.

The Academy of Art University was founding in San Fransisco, 1929. Originally as an Academy for advertising art, it’s goal was to help artists find commercial work. Three generations ran the academy with its latest overseeing it’s biggest growth spurt to nearly 10 times as many students. This period saw the academy gaining accreditations for many new degrees from Fine Arts to Architecture.

Nowadays, Academy of Art University boasts around 20,000 students, depending on the year. The school has a diverse group of students from local to international. There are even quite a few online entrants. They currently study from the 25 subjects taught at the university. On site pupils get to see a great location, warm sunny weather, and a long history.

While the sports aren’t their focus, the academy nonetheless manages a few successful teams. The Urban Knights are 14 varsity athletics teams from the university. They cover a wide variety of sports such as Basketball, golf, and even volleyball. Over the years several of the teams and individuals have managed to pick up a few championships with the NCAA Division II. Jordan Edwards managed it several consecutive years in a row with the 400m Outdoors and Indoors.