Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Cosmetics Are Unique And Fun!


Doe Deere, the Founder and CEO of Lime, feels that cosmetics are a way to express oneself. Born in Russia, Doe was raised in New York City. She worked several administrative jobs in her twenties but never felt that she fit in where she couldn’t be her true self. She founded Lime Crime in 2008 based on her belief that makeup shouldn’t be used just to conceal imperfections. Doe had the idea to create a cosmetic brand with bright and unusual colors while advertising her fashion line. The name is a combination of Doe’s favorite color and the idea of creating makeup that was so bright wearing it should be a crime.

Lime Crime offers a variety of colorful, bold, vibrant cosmetic products including lipstick, eyeliner, and eyeshadow that are proudly vegan and cruelty-free.

Doe’s typical day is spent meeting with those on her team including her Creative Director, President, and VP in order to keep everyone working together. She even spends time in the lab developing new products with a chemist. Doe Deere feels that knowing her brand, being optimistic and knowing her customers is what makes her productive as an entrepreneur. All new products are tried by her first to make sure its a good fit for the company and it’s customers.

Lime Crime focuses very strongly on online sales and was one of the first cosmetic companies to do so. In a time when others in the industry were insisting the customers would want to physically try on their product before buying it, Lime Crime was figuring ways to innovate e-commerce and create a positive online shopping experience for customers. One of their e-commerce solutions was to show how a color actually looked on lips. This idea has since become common throughout the makeup industry.

If she had the chance to start her company over, Doe says she would have started earlier rather than thinking about it for years before putting her plan into action. She also believes having a customer service department sooner would have been beneficial to keep customers happy.

Doe believes that the key to her success in her business is treating those she interacts with love and respect rather than ‘ruling with an iron fist.’ She believes if her employees, vendors, and partners feed appreciated and uplifted they are more likely to respect her.

Lime Crime went through a security breach in 2014 during which customer information was stolen. Doe worked to restore the trust of her customers by setting up a FAQ and call center as well as hiring extra Customer Care representatives to interact with customers through social media. Lime Crime also partnered with online security companies to make sure their website was as secure as possible.

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Ignition Financial – Leading Automobile Refinance Loan Provider with ‘Slash My Payments’

Refinancing automobiles is popular among people in today’s constricted economy because it is a swift, effortless and stress-free method for everyone to save their precious money. Refinancing automobiles mean that under this process, an automobile owner will be repaying the automobile loan that comes from a new, different creditor. People can save money in various ways by refinancing automobiles, but the benefits vary depending on different situations. Some may choose to refinance automobiles to decrease their monthly payments, to modify their repayment periods, to remove co-signers or to reduce interest rates.


The Best Circumstances under which Automobiles should be Refinanced


A healthier and more positive credit score can lead to lower rates which in turn may allow an individual to save more money. This is because improved credit scores can often tempt a creditor to refinance the automobile loan at a lower interest rate. If an individual feels that he or she did not receive the best rates despite having a clean, positive credit score, the individual may decide to refinance and reduce the rates to a more desirable one. Most consumers face this injustice when they obtain dealer-sourced automobile loans because the extra profit from the increased rates is a profit for the automobile dealer. Refinancing is the best option for an individual enduring a financial setback as it may be the perfect way for that individual to cope the intense changes.


Additional Benefits from Refinancing Automobiles


Refinancing automobiles will be very beneficial for an individual when a fall in interest rates, lower monthly payments, and improved credit scores can allow an individual to refinance and save lots of money. There are still more benefits to consider. Refinancing can help an individual lengthen the repayment terms. Refinancing assists an individual who has to make large payments within short periods. The individual can alter the payment rate terms and payment periods by refinancing. Furthermore, refinancing can allow an individual to add or eliminate a co-signer to the loan very easily because the process requires a new loan and a contract to be created.


One of the leading companies in the financial industry who can assist everyone in refinancing automobiles is Ignition Financial. Their auto refinance service, Slash My Payments, has proven to be highly preferred by all borrowers because they provide refinance loans after considering the interest rates and payments that are determined from the borrower’s credit history.

Patent Infringement Battle Between Securus and GTL

A press release on June 9, 2016 by Securus Technologies, which is a provider of civil and criminal justice technology, is in response to a press release issued by GTL on June 7, 2016. Yes, there is an argument going on.


According to Securus Technologies, GTL is making claims that they feel are misleading and inaccurate. In a nutshell, the tit-for-tat arguments center around patent infringements. The claims are that Securus Technologies have infringed upon different patents that were created by GTL.


To get you up to speed, I thought it was important to give a quick summary as to who and what each company provides.


GTL, who has been in business for 27 years, is a one-stop source in the area of integrated technology solutions within the corrections market. They connect inmates to people and services that can help with their rehabilitation. Moreover, they offer technology for facilities that allow correctional departments a virtual view of the inmate population within a given facility.


Securus Technologies, headquartered in Dallas, TX, provides high-tech software solutions within the civil and criminal justice system. They pride themselves in providing the technologies to help connect family and friends to individuals that are incarcerated to providing personnel within the civil and criminal justice system with the tools to help them do their job. They have been in business for a little over 30 years.


I believe this back and forth of press releases is an attempt by both companies to maintain their share of the market. However, there is one area in which I agree with Securus Technologies CEO, Rick Smith, and that is patent infringement cases take years to resolve. And I might add, it puts a strain on any company’s finances.



The Skills that Richard Blair has in offering investment guidance.

Wealth Solution Inc. (WSI) is one of the Unites States’ most trusted companies in the provision of investment consultancy services. The main branch of the firm is based in Austin, Texas. It has reached out to many clients is towns such as Marble Falls, Georgetown, New Braunfels, Austin, Houston, and Bastrop.

Customers who have been consulting the company for guidance include small business owners, affluent families businesses, and high net worth individuals. WSI has been assisting its clients to adapt to the industry’s latest monetary strategies that have been developed in the constantly changing investment markets.

The enterprise is devoted to offering excellent investment choices that allow the customers to carry out their business transaction while facing the least risks. Richard Blair and the staff of the company understand that individuals need to have strategic plans for them to acquire sufficient wealth for their future generations. They guide people to get what they would need to have when they grow old.

WSI has been operating by exceptional policies that guide the clients to get the most effective methods of building up and securing affluence. It assists individuals in developing wells organized portfolios that are useful in the management of wealth.

The strategies that the company has been employing have been addressing varying needs of the clients and allowing individual to trade successfully in the markets. It provides investors with a platform of participating in traditional and alternative investments.

Richard Blair is the proprietor and chairperson of Wealth Solution Inc. He finalized his college studies in 1993 and started the firm in 1994. Clients have trusted his services due to his ample qualifications, which include Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS), Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP), Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), Certified Fund Specialist (CFS), and Certified Estate and Trust Specialist (CETS). Richard created WSI to primarily guide entrepreneurs, family businesses, SME owners, and companies in boosting their financial ability.

Mr. Blair is an excellent investment tutor, and he acquired his skills from his parents and wife who are teachers. He fully understands the power of teaching and how it can influence one to be confident in the activities that he or she conducts.

Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has been using this teaching skills and natural finance talent to assist his clients in growing for the past 20 years. The many years that Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has been in the industry have allowed him to acquire sufficient experience in offering retirement planning services.

The Interesting Career Profile of Project Manager Christanna Bevin

Christanna Bevin is the woman to watch in the construction and project management arena. She is equipped with proven professional expertise and comprehensive understanding of project procurement, management, controls, commercial, and administrative roles within the resources and building industries. Bevin focuses on completing projects within the recommended time frame. She has received compliments from both his junior and senior employees for her exceptional team working abilities.

What differentiates Bevin from other project managers?

Bevin has become one of the highly sought project managers due to her excellent academic qualifications and unique experience. She holds an MBA from the prominent Australian Institute of Business. Bevin also belongs to several licensed professional associations, including Project Management Institute and Australian Institute of Project Management. She uses her remarkable writing abilities to prepare monitoring and evaluation reports that enable stakeholders to keep track of an ongoing project.

Bevin’s oral communication skills have allowed her to create strong networks with other professionals in the construction sector and clients. Bevin has won the hearts of many clients due to her tendency to exceed their expectations. She interacts with freely with other workers and leverages her problem-solving skills to resolve conflicts that may arise within the workplace. That way, she encourages collective handling of projects.

Work experience

Bevin commenced her career in project management circles as the site administrator of Stork in 2003 and worked for six months before joining UGL Limited as the contracts administrator. Later on, she was promoted to the position of cost engineer and eventually the role of project controls manager. Bevin has acted as a project manager for companies based in Bulgaria, Australia, and Brisbane.


Other than offering advisory and on-site services to customers in the power generation, oil & gas, resources industries, Christanna Bevin is in charge of creating corporate project services functions. Bevin trains local staff in the management of systems and processes. She reviews project plan before the implementation process begins. She oversees the activities of project team such as the creation of project controls systems, hiring, and development of project control team. Bevin also develops ongoing budget requests as well as management schedules.

Ambitious Lovaganza Aims to Unite the World

The advancements in technology on Facebook over the last decade have given human beings a truly unique opportunity to explore the entire planet, rich in culture and until now largely inaccessible to the average citizen. As every voice, face, and story makes it way across the internet we have found ourselves with the unprecedented privilege to expand our social consciousness on Yahoo beyond our own communities.

This connection and the impact it can cause in everyone’s life is the focus of an ambitious project set in place by the creative team at the JF&G Company. The Lovaganza 2020 is a worldwide event set to take place in the following years with the mission of evoking the same wonderment and global excitement experienced in the days of the World’s Fair. The large scale event is set to bring guests closer together with an understanding of the wide variety of cultures each one of us carries with us. Promised to be a celebration that will simultaneously showcase all cultures on Earth with groundbreaking and bedazzling entertainment, from motion pictures to immersive attractions and exhibitions Lovaganza is certainly the first of its kind in recent decades. Source:

Centered around The Extravaganza of Love, the main stage and centerpiece showcase for the event, guest will be able to explore the beauty of our world surrounded by a giant 360 Immerscope screen that will allow unseen views of some planet Earth’s amazing offerings. Combining the immersive screens with actors, dancers, and acrobats all performing in front of stunning landscapes.

The entire celebration is set to take place in May of 2020 and continue into September as it spans across the globe with flagship locations in America, Europe, Africa, the Middle-East, Asia, and Oceania. Leading up to the main event, the Lovaganza Travelling Show will bring people their first glimpse into the worldwide celebration as it tours across cities in the years preceding Lovaganza 2020.

The success of the Lovaganza will be followed by several other worldwide celebrations each building upon another foundation of our society.

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