Sawyer Howitt’s Entrepreneurial Zeal

In 2011, the Chamber of Commerce Reports in the United States indicated that individuals born between the year 1980 and 2000 are the most productive. Almost 27% millennial are sole proprietors owning nearly 160,000 new businesses. The young entrepreneurs are taking over the economy with many visionary ideas and commerce optimism. Among these young entrepreneurs is Sawyer Howitt.

Sawyer Howitt completed studies at Lincoln High School located in Portland. After that, Howitt began visualizing his business interests. Sawyer started by comprehending the operational and financial needs of business. Sawyer learned of the positive interactions between customers and the company’s brands to generate a positive outcome. Later, Sawyer’s continuous passion for customer service landed him in a leadership position. Sawyer Howitt became the project manager at the Meriwether Group.

Besides being a business associate, Sawyer Howitt is a philanthropist. Sawyer works towards improving the living standards of his community. Sawyer’s charity work include a donation to charitable organizations, supporting youth mentoring programs and helping groups that advocate for women rights. Also, Sawyer is a leader of the international ethnic study group. During Howitt’s free time, Sawyer plays racquetball and participates in fishing. Sawyer has an exciting plan for his future. Sawyer intends to attend California University for his studies.

Before setting up a business premise, a lot of factors are put into consideration. Sawyer Howitt provides the various considerations. These include the economy, average age of the population, access to capital and the networking potential. Additionally, Howitt provides a list of different cities that meet these criteria. The cities include San Francisco, Austin, and Palo Alto among others.

Sawyer Howitt’s business idea is inspired by his father, David. Over the years, David has been Sawyer’s mentor. Sawyer spent his entire time working with his father. From their coordination, Sawyer Howitt benefited from his father’s business tips. Early this year, David, Sawyer’s father, was awarded as a leader in business by the Portland Business Journal.

Reasons to Hire Aloha Construction

For anyone that owns a home or other type of real estate, finding contractors that can make repairs in an efficient and quality manner is very important. For those that are in the Chicago area, one company that can provide some valued services is Aloha Construction. Aloha Construction is a bonded and insured general contractor that can provide a range of contracting services to people located all over northern Illinois. Since the company was founded, they have completed more than 18,000 projects.


While the company has been very busy in the past, they will likely have a very busy year the rest of 2017. Aloha Construction has reported that they will have a busy year due to the amount of winter and spring storms that impacted the region. The amount of hail and other storm materials has impacted thousands of homes across the region that may now need a new roof or siding for their home.


For those that have had issues with storm and hail damage, using Aloha Construction to complete the siding repair could be a great option. Aloha Construction works directly with the homeowners and insurance companies to ensure that the repair costs are covered by the company’s insurance. This will include working with the insurance adjuster to better understand the policy and providing any information that is necessary.


When you are working with Aloha Construction, you can also receive help with general contracting help. The company has the ability to complete a range of projects for your home including repair services, remodeling, and general home improvement.–147077274/pp

Bonus of Eating Beneful

Beneful Healthy puppy food is the ideal, nutrient rich option for puppies everywhere. Beneful Healthy puppy food uses only the best ingredients, packed with all the vitamins and protein content each puppy needs in order to grow up big and strong. It also has a healthy dose of DHA that will ensure the puppy’s eyesight and brain are developing properly and at a good rate. Beneful puppy food is a great option for many breeds of dog, from miniature poodles to tervurens. It has 28% protein so that is excellent for very active puppies, and it can also give slower puppies the boost they need.

Beneful healthy puppy food comes in a delicious chicken flavor, made with real ingredients, that any puppy is sure to eat right up. The main ingredient is chicken and it is one of the tastiest dog foods on the market thanks to its high quality and fresh ingredients. If you are looking to get a good deal on puppy food and use that extra money to buy your new dog a toy, check out the Beneful website. There are always coupon options available so keep your eyes open and you are sure to find a good deal soon.

Tammy Mazzocco Tells All About Her Real Estate Business

Tammy Mazzocco is a very successful residential real estate agent in Central Ohio and has plenty of good experiences in that field. Although she began her real estate career as a secretary in a nine-man commercial real estate office, it offered valuable experience in the real estate field.

Over time Tammy Mazzocco decided that she could earn a better living by selling real estate as opposed to administering it as the office secretary, so in 1999 she joined the Judy Gang team of RE/MAX in Pickerington, Ohio which is just Southeast of Columbus, Ohio. There she not only works in the town of Pickerington, but in the surrounding four-county area as well.

According to Blog Webpedia, Tammy has become a successful salesperson because she has formed habits that continually keep her on track doing the things that cause a desirable result. She works by setting daily goals and then breaks those goals down into actionable steps, making them easier to accomplish.

She arrives at her office early to get the mundane tasks completed and out of the way as soon as possible so she can get out into the field and show houses to prospective buyers. She might spend a morning setting up a whole week of appointments, but that is where the bonding takes place between her and the prospects. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

Tammy likes to put herself in the place of the buyer, because they feel very vulnerable when buying a new home and Tammy wants to put them at ease. People are in a new town and are clueless as to the geography and how this is going to affect their finances.

Tammy tries to have answers to all of their questions, and she knows that if she can be relevant and helpful, she will have a good chance for a sale. It is all about people and helping them to feel at ease in a difficult situation.


The Greyhound Diaries: A Story of Doug Levitt

Doug Levitt is a man who has traveled many miles, such as is documented in “The Greyhound Dairies”. Levitt has been across the continental US over 7 times, accumulating more than 120,000 travel miles on a Greyhound Bus. Levitt has shared bus seats with everyone from neo-Nazis to ex-law offenders who have been imprisoned for some time. Levitt has done all this traveling in just 13 years. It’s astonishing how far he has gone (literally) and will get to see the world. Many people fail to understand how or why anyone would do this, but for Levitt, this has simply become a way of life.

Levitt sights enjoying all the people he gets to meet on his cross-country trips. He started doing this back in the day as a CNN war correspondent fighting for a John Kerry presidency in the year 2004. He would travel from unnamed town to unnamed town trying to get people to vote for John Kerry. He spent countless hours listening to people’s stories seeing what it would take to get them to vote for his candidate.

Levitt was fascinated with other people’s stories as he grew up in LA a broke, starving artist who was dying for a big break. He grew up in a middle-class family and appreciated all the struggles of these families as he went through them himself growing up. He has seen every strain of American society, and every possible lifestyle through traveling on a bus far and wide as he has. Levitt has even spent long as seven consecutive weeks on the road at one time without a break.

He has made friends and grown used to his transient way of living. He cites that he still regularly keeps in touch with about 8 people has met over the years, and considers them quality, lifelong friends of his.Click here to know more.

Levitt also loves to meet strangers to whom he can tell his personal stories. Levitt was 16 when his father killed himself, and talking to people about that is what Levitt finds most therapeutic to his continued recovery. He admits never having come to terms with what his father did, and people listening to his story helps him feel like he is less alone. Someone is always able to connect to him in some small way and make things better. That’s why Levitt continues to talk about it.

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Doe Deer is a Unicorn in the Business World

Female entrepreneurial success, Doe Deer, is an energetic morning person, lover of cats, and eccentric business woman. Doe Deer, founder of Lime Crime, is a strong advocate for skin hydration and adequate amounts of sleep. Ms. Deer states that she MUST have at least nine hours of sleep a night and that she no longer needs an alarm clock because her body automatically wakes her at 8:30 most mornings. Doe tends to have rather hectic days balancing the role of CEO which requires that she provide guidance to all departments of Lime Crime. She tries to have work balance by leaving the office around 6 but admits when she is having a very productive day she may not leave the office until after midnight. When she is not in her work environment Doe takes time for her two favorite cats, Puffly Fluffles and Chester von Battingham. These two cats are the apple of Doe’s eye and are treated like kings.

Ms. Deer expresses that her interest in bright colors originated at a very early age. Even in early childhood she was a creative and imaginative person. When she could she would wear as many bright colors as possible. She loved seeing bright colors. She admits she would utilize anything bright she could get her hands on.

Lime Crime is Doe Deer’s makeup creation. This company fashions bold and colorful makeup creations. Doe started Lime Crime in 2004 on Ebay; she selected the name “ limecrime” as her profile title because she thought it would be a name other people had not used and because bright green was her favorite color. She feels there are a few advantages of the company name. First, it is eccentric making it easy to google. Secondly, it represents the feel she wants her products to convey which is a feeling of fun. This was her first attempt to start her own unique fashion line that included many colors. Lime Crime started small with Doe modelling her own merchandise and slowly grew to the brand it is today.

Doe Deer wants Lime Crime to create exciting revolutionary products that represent the eccentricity of her Unicorns, buyers. Doe labels her audience Unicorns because she believes buyers are individuals who have embraced that they are different and unique like a unicorn.

Doe Deer is a Unicorn in the business world providing a balance of fun and professionalism to her workplace.


Follow Doe Deere on Instagram @DoeDeere.


The Human Rights Record of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Standing up for human rights and dignity is what got Michael Lacey and his colleague Jim Larkin arrested in Maricopa County. These two journalists were incarcerated by the Maricopa Sheriff. The two journalists, convinced of their wrongful incarceration, sued the county.

The case was heard and determined in favor of the petitioners, who were handsomely rewarded for the violation of their rights by the county sheriff. Larkin and Lacey decided to use part of their settlement to assist organizations that fight for human rights in and around Arizona. ‘Larkin and Lacey’ are the ‘Phoenix New Times media’ founders.

The Maricopa Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, decided to arrest these journalists when the two wrote and expose on grand jury hearings that were being conducted secretly. The grand jury hearings were being conducted at night with the ultimate aim of recovering the articles published by these journalists.

The articles were about the county sheriff and his unlawful activities. The journalists also claimed the grand jury intended to identify and seize all individuals who had accessed the expose. The violation of the law was so grave that the journalists decided to take the matter to court after they were themselves apprehended.  Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Michael and Jim feel so passionately about human rights that they decided to use their reward to start a foundation that would help other victims of human rights violations. That is how ‘Larkin and Lacey’ was started. This fund also works closely with other human rights organizations to promote the human rights agenda. Migrant rights’ groups and civil rights champions are also supported by Larkin and Lacey.

‘Justice That Works’

This organization was started by a champion of justice, Mr. Heather Hamel. Ayensa Millan, an immigration attorney and radio show host, works closely with ‘Justice that Works’ organization. Mr. Viridana Hernandez, a director of ‘Center for Neighborhood Leadership’, also works with ‘Justice that Works’. Justice that works feels passionately about matters of racial profiling and migrant issues.

‘Human Rights First’

This organization champions the rights of refugees. Refugees, it believes, are people subjected to a lot of suffering in their home country and also in the places that they seek refuge. This organization’s operations began in 1978, in New York, where the organization is based. Issues of anti Semitism and anti-Islam have been a serious concern to the organization.

The anti Islamic sentiments that were amplified by the 9/11 attacks were for so long an area the organization had to deal with for a long time. Racial profiling cases were cropping up all the time after 9/11. Today, the crisis in Darfur is one the organization pays attention to and dedicates a lot of its personnel.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International has been in operation for decades. It has been awarded severally for its commitment to matters of prisoner justice and human rights of the inmates. In 1997, Amnesty International was awarded the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’.

The year that followed was also a year of recognition as the organization won the ‘United Nations Prize in Human Rights’.

Tony Petrello – He Did it against All Odds

Have you ever dreaded bumping into an old friend? Some of us worry that we have gotten fat, disgusting, and ugly over the years. Others of us are worried we will have to hear the same old tales of embarrassing things we did in high school as if we did not spend the last fifteen years trying to forget. For many people though the real reason they do not like bumping into old friends is because they will see that their old friends have accomplished far more in life and more information click here.


Lloyd Groves felt that way recently about his old college roommate Anthony Petrello. Lloyd Groves, who is a columnist for the Daily Beast, was reading AP’s list of highest paid CEOs and he was shocked to see his old friend not just in the top 10 but in the number one spot with a compensation package of over $68 million! That sort of achievement will make any under achieving friend feel like a failure.


Lloyd wrote to Anthony to see where he went wrong. Tony wrote back saying “One life lesson I have learned is that between being smart or being lucky—lucky is better, I have been extremely fortunate in work.” The truth is Tony did not just luck out. He worked hard to achieve what he achieved and learn more about Anthony.


Tony received degrees in Mathematics from the prestigious university of Yale and a law degree from Harvard University. He used those two degrees to land a job with the Baker and McKenzie corporate law firm and later use those same degrees to catapult his career with Nabors Industries.


It was during his time at Nabors Industries Petrello was able to combine his gifts of mathematics and law to transition the company to the country of Bermuda. While it was chaotic at first and investors tried to sue the company, Tony succeeded. This move caused stocks to rise by 180% and the investors happily backed off.


Tony Petrello lived a life that would make anybody jealous. We should let Lloyd know it was not personal and Anthony’s lacrosse camp.

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Highland Capital Management Makes a $1 Million Contribution to Support The Family Place

On 7th October 2016, James Dondero who is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management announced that the firm had awarded $1million to support The Family Place. The Family Place is an organization based in Dallas that helps victims of family violence. The contributions were announced during the organization’s 21st Annual Trailblazer Awards held at Hilton Anatole in Texas. Since the announcement was made, the group has raised another $200, 000 towards its campaign. Dondero expressed his gratitude by saying how impressed the Highland Capital Management was by how The Family Place carried out its campaigns to raise money. He also said that his company is quite honored to invest alongside thoughtful and generous individuals in the community.


The Family Place campaign is aimed at supporting the operations and construction of a counseling center in Dallas to help victims of family violence. The facility is expected to have thirteen emergency shelter bedrooms, a call center, a dental and medical clinic, rooms for job-training, and multiple private rooms for counseling adults and children. The facility is designed to serve approximately 2, 000 victims annually by providing emergency shelter. The Ann Moody Place is also planned to support the Be Project. The Be Project offers an education program to prevent teen dating violence and bullying. The program reaches an estimated 6,000 students yearly. The facility is also planned to have an animal shelter for pets and a child development center. The Family Place is a valuable project that James Dondero has supported since its inception.


Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in finance and accounting. Mr. James is also a Certified Management Accountant who has earned the right to employ the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Before Highlands, he was the chief investment officer for GIC’s subsidiary, Protective Life. He grew the business to $2billion within five years. Before joining Protective life, James had managed an estimated $ 1 billion for American Express.

James Dondero who currently resides in Dallas Texas oversees Highland Capital Managements’ operations and strategies for both institutional and retail products. His three decades experience has enabled to gather adequate knowledge and skills in his profession. He is a committed and innovative manager with the aim of bringing revolutionary changes to his company. He is also a pioneer of Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO).

Brian Bonar- Successful Entrepreneur, Businessman, and Visionary Making History

Brian Bonar is the CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He is passionate about the design procedure and big focus on what fuels his approach. Bonar has wide experience in site & building design, procurement, contract administration, and design development. He has a built up reputation as a pioneer who seeks to assist his customers, project partners, and team members achieve their objectives.

His portfolio entails aviation, retail commercial, and multifamily housing, in addition to having experience in assisting several education projects. Bonar has sufficient skills and experience; hence, he has become an asset on teams and projects while setting up customer relationships.

The financial specialist was also named as the Official of the Year in the financial sector. It was a big honor for Bonar as only two females, and two males were picked from every sector. The institution’s board of trustees picks honorees in view of project accomplishments, academic achievements, and leadership capabilities. The expert has more than three decades of expert administration involvement in the financial segment.

As the leader of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Bonar has been in charge of a huge part of employees, their benefits, and aftermarket items. Dalrada Financial Corporation provides customers with a special variety of workers’ programs that assist in elevating the efficiency of businesses.

Some of these projects incorporate business management services, risk management insurance, and employee benefits. Bonar is also the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc, the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation, and also the President at Allegiant Professional Business Service.

Bonar records the objective market of Imaging Technologies Corporation from small to medium sized organizations. He is thrilled by the procurement of Source One Group, which is a professional employment company that provides small to medium sized organizations with human resource and payroll help. His passion lies in guiding high-performing teams to establish, expand and provide collaborative design solutions. Bonar strives to establish client trust by using every opportunity.

Brian Bonar is a well known and victorious finance expert and currently leads Trucept Incorporation. He pursued Technical Engineering Bachelor’s Degree from James Watt Technical College and further acquired Mechanical Engineering Master’s Degree from Stafford University.

As per MG2, Brian Bonar has a broad business spearheading experience, having been a leader in several organizations, for example, the Dalrada Financial Corporation. A segment of his accomplishment can be grasped through his specialized know-how in establishing a fruitful association structure.

Bonar has been engaged within the financial sector for various years, and that is the reason he has broad skills in this segment. Under his administration, Dalrada Financial gained a key legacy within the financial sector where Bonar was responsible for a big number of officials, aftermarket merchandise, and employer reimbursement.